YANIBEST 19 Mome 2 Pack 100% Mulberry Silk Pillow Cases for hair and Skin (Standard, Apricot)

There are many sellers to sell the natural silk pillowcase, there are 2 kinds. One is satin, which is polyester, not natural fabric. But it also smooth and shiny as silk. Price is low. Another is natural silk, price is higher than satin, I could guarantee the silk items is made with 100% natural silk, you know natural silk original country is China, Suzhou, our factory is located here and we use the best silk material to make this pillowcase. Natural silk is made up of amino acids, which is very good to our hair and skin. It will make your hair Avoid from Electrostatic interface.

Product Features

  • Wheather you buy our silk pillowcase or not, nice to meet you here. Notice satin is not the real silk, only real silk good fur hair and skin
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE – 100% 19 Momme Grade-A top quality mulberry silk, good for hair and skin
  • FUNCTION – It’s the most natural anti-aging product, as well as hypoallergenic, smooth, soft, breathable, and comfortable. High-quality silk can help prevent hair from becoming knotted and matted, and it can reduce facial wrinkles
  • SIZE – 20 x 26 inches (51 cm x 66 cm), Hidden zipper closure at the side to prevent slipping
  • Notice: Satin is not silk. Satin price is low, which is smooth as silk, but can’t work as natural silk