UltraOutlet 4 Packs White Artificial Peonies Silk Flowers with Vase Faked Peony Flowers DIY Bouquets Arrangement Centerpiece for Weddings, Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, and Home Decorations

The Most Value of 4 Packs Peonies Artificial Flowers and 1 Plastic Vase Combination You Ever Get on the Market

You will receive 4-pack white peonies artificial flowers and an elegant white flower vase. You can use these extra-value artificial silk flower arrangements to freelance and decorate a wedding, a baby shower, and or a birthday party. You can reuse these artificial peony flowers after the event as decorations for a dining room, a bedroom, a meeting room, an office, a boutique, a dessert shop, and any other places you can imagine putting the peonies silk flowers. The value 4-pack peonies artificial flowers may be somewhat out of shape, but it is easy to freshen up the shape again.

Product Specifications for Silk Flower Arrangements: Product name: 4-pack white artificial peonies silk flowers with a flower vase Quantity: 4-pack white bouquet of peonies silk flowers, 1 plastic white vase Color: white Plastic faked flowers measurement: 11.8″ in total height, flower head is 1.55″ in diameter White vase measurement: 6.9″ in height, 1.97″ in open diameter, and 3.35″ in bottom diameter Materials: Silk for pistils, plastic for stems, and plastic for the vase Decoration for: a wedding, a baby shower, a birthday party, home decor, a room, an office, a boutique, a shop, and or a restaurant. The plastic vase is lightweight, please pour some water into the vase to make the plants arrangement stay upright.

Take this exclusive offer of 4-pack artificial peonies silk flowers bouquet arrangement home with you today!

Product Features

  • Extra-value Pack: You will get a package that includes fours packs of white artificial peonies silk flowers with a plastic vase. From the stem, branches out ten pistils per bouquet of peonies artificial flower. In a total of the four bouquets of artificial peonies silk flowers, there will be about 40 pistils per order.
  • Great Sizes: These white peonies silk flowers are measured 11.8″ in height, and each flower head is 1.55″ in diameter. The white plastic vase measures 6.9″ in height, 3.35″ in bottom diameter, and 1.97″ in open diameter. These peonies artificial flowers are a great fit as centerpieces or arrangements for events.
  • Multi-purpose Decorations: You can freelance and decorate your wedding, baby showers, and or birthday parties with these elegant white artificial bouquet peonies silk flowers. They can be gorgeous table centerpieces and can also be great additions to dining rooms, meeting room, office, boutique, dessert shop, etc.
  • Gift Ideal: The material of these white peonies artificial flowers is silky soft and realistic looking. So, therefore, they can last for a long time. You can give these beautiful peonies silk flowers as great gifts to friends and family! They will be impressed by how realistic these artificial peonies are. They might want to regift it! Just kidding!
  • WASHABLE SILK FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS: These artificial peonies silk flowers are washable, and hand suggested to keep clean, so that can last for a long time. But it does not need to wash frequently.