SweetSilk Skin, 100% Pure Natural 19 Momme 6A Slip Satin Pillow Case Cover Hair Silk Pillowcase Queen Size with Zipper for Women White, Ivory Undyed

Our mulberry silk pillowcase queen is a kind of natural compound protein threaded with 18 amino acids homogenous with skin.Silk protects and moistens the skin by touch and friction,so the satin pillowcase help your hair stays smoothly,less allergy’s and prevent wrinkles for skin,Silk pillow case is a healthy life.relaxing luxury to every night of sleep with slip pillowcase,makes you feel like a queen.silk satin pillowcase makes your sleep much better,you are queen and king.This 100% silk pillowcase is a best silk pillowcase for hair and skin. Highly recommend this silk queen pillow case! Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Queen Benefits:
✔.mulberry silk pillowcase queen great for hair and skin
✔.satin pillowcase help to reduce acne and wrinkles
✔.Silk pillow case good for sleep with 100% real mulberry silk pillowcase
✔.Wake up with beautiful hair,have no bed hair sleep with slip pillowcase
✔.The material of silk satin pillowcase is high quality
✔.This white mulberry silk pillowcase queen is colourfast
✔.Touch this ivory mulberry silk pillowcase queen is very soft and comfortable
✔.This natural mulberry silk pillowcase queen easy to clean and washes well Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Queen Daily Care Instuctions:
✔. Never bleach mulberry silk pillowcase queen, Never spray satin pillowcase with perfume or deodorant
✔. Never expose silk pillow case to direct sunlight for longer periods of time
✔. Don’t spray water while ironing, always iron the backside of slip pillowcase on low temperature only
✔. Don’t treat individual stains with water for this silk satin pillowcase
✔. Never wring dry mulberry silk pillowcase queen Keywords:mulberry silk pillowcase queen satin pillowcase silk pillow case slip pillowcase silk satin pillowcase mulberry silk satin slip pillowcase pillow case Slip satin mulberry silk pillowcase pillow case Satin slip mulberry silk pillow case pillowcase pillow case silk mulberry

Product Features

  • 💙【Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Queen Great for Hair and Skin】The satin pillowcase prevent bed hair, breakage to fine hair and tangle in coiled hair, stay hair smoothly. Silk pillow cover make your curls feel soft and is so shiny,Silk pillow Case helps minimize knots,dry and split ends,save your time.Slip pillowcase reduce wrinkles,acne and less allergy.Real mulberry silk is a kind of natural compound protein threaded with 18 amino acids homogenou skin.mulberry silk satin slip pillowcase pillow case
  • 💙【Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Queen Supper Soft and Comfortable】These satin pillowcase are very soft,smooth,really nice and comfortable to sleep.Our silk pillow case were produced by 100% natural mulberry 19mm silk on both sides,slip pillowcase are very silky but not slippery.If we sleep on these smooth silk pillow cover that seem like they will never wrinkle.Especially the silk satin pillowcase is warm in winter and cool in summer for your skin&hair.Slip satin mulberry silk pillowcase pillow case
  • 💙【The Material Is High Quality】The mulberry silk pillowcase queen are nicely made.The stitching of the satin pillowcase is lovely.The size of this silk pillow case is great,fits the queen pillow perfectly.the slip pillowcase are with luxurious and gorgeous design.These silk satin pillowcase were made from 100% natural pure mulberry silk material,this silk pillow cover has a convenient hidden zipper,it’s very sleek and don’t poke you when you sleep.Satin slip mulberry silk pillow case pillowcase
  • 💙【Easy to Clean and Washes Well】This mulberry silk pillowcase queen easy to wash and dry quickly (Just one hour later).The satin pillowcase easy to care and no discoloration or any other issues after hand-washing.Silk pillow case is cleaned very easily even when you’ve gotten leftover makeup on the slip pillowcase.and the silk satin pillowcase is washable.Drip dry this 100 6A 19 momme ivory white pure silk queen zipper pillowcase for hair and skin.Pillowcase pillow case satin slip mulberry silk
  • 💙【LIFETIME WARRANTY】Our satin pillowcase are 100% mulberry silk pillowcase queen,you’ll love this wonderful silk pillow case.But if you’re not satisfied with slip pillowcase,please get in touch with us for the silk satin pillowcase.We will gladly give you a 100% refund.This is spasilk 19 momme white 6a pure natural mens real zima silk queen zippered mommesilk silk-like zipper slip pillowcase queen set silk pillow case cover for hair and skin women.Mulberry silk pillow case pillowcase slip satin