SOJOS Silk Scarf Women’s Large Square Satin Neck Scarf Hairscarf 27.5 x 27.5 inches SC303 With Grey Bowknot


SOJOS loves the nature beauty and respects everyone’s attitude of fashion. We design each of our accessories with comfort and spirituality to fit your lifestyle.

Our name was coming from the Spanish ‘ojos’ (eyes), which is with the concept of ‘sexy in your eyes’. We take pride in creating stylish accessories that can show your taste.

We believe…

Unique accessories would bring you unique look, and match your emotions and personality.

Best doesn’t always mean expensive – everyone should have their own preference!

Beauty will follow you here…


Material: 100% Polyester

Product Dimensions (IN): Width: 70cm/27.5″, Length: 70cm/27.5″

Package: Scarf *1


Please use warm water below 30 degrees Celsius wash alone and do not use washing machine. Ironing on low heat and it is compatible with any dry cleaning methods.


If you have any questions with the product, please do not hesitate to contact us. SOJOS serve for you with all sincerity.


Product Features

  • Material: High quality 100% polyester satin silk, soft, smooth and shiny.
  • Dimension: 70X70cm, 27.5X27.5 inches, various colors and styles for you to choose.
  • VERSATILE ACCESSORIES – Matches: Isn’t it an innovative way to let the silk scarves decorate your hair? When you finish your hair styles, and adorn the silk scarves, it will not only add some girlish feeling but also make you more cute. And if you like wearing hats, it can also be used in your hats.
  • FALL ESSENTIALS – When the pure coat meets the colorful silk scarves, it is just like the collision between ice and fire. The coast in cold tone matches the silk scarves in warm tone, it will definitively offer you the warmth visually. Even if you have only one silk scarf, you can use different ways to wear it.
  • MULTIPLE USE- When you have lots of silk scarves, what about make them be the belt? It will be more attractive and personalize yourself. When you are tired of bracelets, watches, etc and you do not like the bare wrist, why not choose the silk scarves? You can tie them on your wrist. Besides, there are many kinds of types, colors, matches and styles for your to choose. It can also be the useful handkerchief when you cry or sweat.