SMARTSILK The Comforter by All-Natural Silk Filled Luxury | Soft Cotton Finish | Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly | Temperature Regulating All-Season Comfort – Full Size

SmartSilk Comforter Full Size: 82 inches wide x 88 inches long

Our Beginning: We realized there was not much variety regarding allergy bedding. Most of the options either consisted of synthetics or chemically treated products that were either too stiff, too heavy or felt like you were sleeping on plastic. So, we designed our own!

The SmartSilk All-Natural Bedding Collection provides all season comfort and the luxury of sleeping in breathable silk fill along with a soft cotton finish, offering a more comfortable night’s sleep. The SmartSilk Luxury Bedding Collection is created and produced in-house and was developed and designed in Canada.

The Comforter by Smartsilk: By combining the luxurious and all-natural materials of the SmartSilk Comforter with the science of sleep, we have developed the perfect year-round comforter that will provide you with the most comfortable night’s sleep. The Comforter by SmartSilk, allows you to experience the health and wellness benefits that all SmartSilk products provide. Sleeping with the right bedding essentials is a necessary advantage to having a restful night’s sleep.

The SmartSilk Comforter Advantage:100% Pure Silk Fill Liner100% Quilted Cotton Outer Shell100% Chemical FreeCertified Asthma and Allergy FriendlyNon-woven Breathable MaterialsMoisture Wicking keeps your skin moisturizedFlame BarrierEasy Care: Machine Wash and Dry

Product Features

  • WHY SMARTSILK: By combining the luxurious and all-natural materials of our Comforter with the science of sleep, SmartSilk’s unique and patented technology allows our customers to experience the health and wellness benefits that SmartSilk products are known for. Both Allergy and Asthma friendly, customers using these breathable and soothing comforters wake up less frequently from discomfort, night sweats, temperature changes, coughing and allergies.
  • OPTIMAL SLEEP: No foam or synthetic fibers, SmartSilk understands that one size does NOT fit all. We know sleeping with the right comforter is necessary to having a restful night’s sleep, and the optimal comforter must be welcoming and so comfortable that you don’t want to get out of bed. This comforter is the epitome of sleeping in luxury, it cocoons your body and wraps you in bliss as you drift off to sleep.
  • CERTIFIED, NATURAL & SAFE: Certified hypoallergenic with barriers to block out allergens, bed bugs, odors and microscopic dust mites. Created with 100% all-natural Tussah silk – a wild and strong silk that naturally has temperature regulation properties to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Unlike other comforters which contain formaldehyde and benzene that you’re inhaling while you sleep, SmartSilk is chemical and cruelty free as well as naturally fire retardant.
  • SMART TEMPERATURE ADVANTAGE: When sleeping in down or synthetics, body heat gets trapped disturbing your sleep. The Comforter by SmartSilk is a marriage of silk and cotton which prevents the trapping of heat and the formation of air pockets. The breathable materials used regulate temperature and allow air to constantly circulate through the bedding taking unnecessary heat with it while the moisture wicking materials help absorb moisture keeping you drier and more comfortable when you sleep.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: SmartSilk has been tested and proven to maintain its quality of life even after three years of washing and still perform as well as day one. Both machine washable and dryable – the comforter never lumps. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America recommends that you wash your SmartSilk products every eight weeks in cold water and low dry. Since SmartSilk doesn’t take on body odor, washing frequency can be tailored to your own personal preference.