Silk Scarf Luxurious Hair Wrap – 100% Nature Silk 14mm Twill Orange Square Scarf (silk square scarf 13-3)

Premium material: 100% Silk 14Momme Twill silk Scarf .Pantonight women’s Silk scarf is made of 100% high quality silk from China, which is soft to touch and lightweight.  Various Occasions  Attend a party, or family travel, or go to work suitable for you in different occasions to wear around your neck, hair and hand as well as on a hat or handbag  Feedback  if you have tried this and it really does good to you, we highly appreciate if you can share us with your experience, and your value feedback will help more people find suitable silk scarf Square.

Product Features

  • 100% natural silk,Eco-friendly Dye Silk Scarf
  • Size:35.4″*35.4″,fashion styles Women’s Silk Scarf
  • Silk Square Scarf Twill soft with great silky hand feel; Sensual and free-flowing
  • Affordable daily luxury; Silk Scarf Good for any season,Genuine product exclusively sold by Pantonight
  • Pantonight Silk Scarf Suitable to wear in different occasions.It can be worn around your neck, hair,and hand as well as on a hat or handbag and so on.