Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin – Anti Acne Pillowcase Queen Size – Highest Grade Luxury Pure Natural Mulberry Silk in Silver Gray 20 x 30 inches by SUNDAY SILKS

Unfortunately we are not morning people here at Sunday Silks (we totally envy those that are), and we are super busy gals, so we need to think strategically about our morning beauty routine… The average person sleeps for one third of their life, that’s an incredibly long time! Which is why we launched the Sunday Silks 100% Pure Silk Pillowcase. Genius. Now we can wake up without bedhead, excessive frizz, sleep lines or regular breakouts.

Incorporating a Sunday Silks slip pillowcase into your night-time routine, will immediately benefit your skin in ways you could never have imagined. Unlike a cotton pillowcase, a silk pillowcase does not absorb moisture. Allowing your skin to soak up all of the good stuff in your moisturizer, which will help you maintain a healthy glow, prevent wrinkles for longer, hydrate your skin, and reduce blemishes.

Care Instructions:
Treat your silks like you would treat your favorite lace bra! Delicately hand wash it with minimal or delicate soaps. And if you have to throw it in the washing machine, be sure to enclose it inside a garment bag on a delicate cycle.

Product Features

  • ✅ YOUR SECRET OVERNIGHT BEAUTY TREATMENT 〰 This silver grey silk pillowcase is made from grade 6A silk, the highest-grade fibers, containing 18 natural amino acids to improve the health of your skin cells. A queen size pillowcase recommended for all hair types from Type 1 to Type 4
  • ✅ ALLOW YOUR HAIR TO SLIDE ALONG THE SURFACE 〰 of your silk pillow instead of knotting. Prevent hair breakage and hair loss. No more silk scarfs for your hair required! Wake up winning with this overnight bedhead solution!
  • ✅ RECOMMENDED BY DERMATOLOGISTS 〰 an acne pillowcase for fighting breakouts and blemishes. Cotton pillowcases retain your skins moisture, pure silk pillow cases are hypoallergenic allowing your skin to breathe, repelling allergens and dust mites.
  • ✅ ANTI AGING, WRINKLE & SKIN LINE PREVENTION 〰 silk cooling pillow cases are hydrating and temperature regulating, unlike a satin pillowcase, this anti wrinkle pillow solution allows you to wake up with supple skin, free from sleep lines and wrinkles
  • ✅ REST ASSURED 😉 WITH AN EXTENDED WARRANTY 〰 you might want to consider buying two, perhaps you need a spare while one is being washed? or one to take on your next travels? Maybe even the perfect gift for a girlfriend, with our 6-month extended warranty.