Silk Florals 101: Home Decor for All Seasons: Create Tabletops, Swags, Wreaths, Centerpieces and Gift Bouquets (Design Originals) Beautiful Silk Flowers Project Ideas for Spring through Christmas

Always in season and always in bloom, silk flowers can enrich your life with vibrant colors all year long! Project ideas include:Tabletop arrangementsSwags and garlandsWreathsCenterpiecesGift bouquetsWrapped floralsLast-minute projects…and more!

Classic and eclectic arrangements of silk florals enrich your home with style that’s always in season and always in bloom. Silk Florals 101: Home Décor for All Seasons offers a beautiful array of styles from classic to eclectic to country with designs for every month of the year. Whether you require a striking arrangement for a special holiday or want to create a soft romantic mood, you will find something to please the most discriminating taste.

The art of flower language flourished in the Middle Ages as, patterned to fit the chivalric ideals of courtly love, flowers were used to send messages. Over time, the meaning of individual flowers and their combinations changed. The Victorians, who had a tendency to take everything to its extreme, brought flower language to the elaborate heights that we recognize today. Each flower and each color had its own meaning.

Further, the way the flowers were presented was packed with complex connotations. For example, if flowers were upright, they had a positive meaning, whereas if presented upside down, the opposite meaning was delivered. The sender hoped the courier did not drop any of the blossoms, lest some insult be taken. Flowers presented with the right hand meant “yes,” with the left hand, “no.” (Times must have been difficult for left-handed individuals!)

Today we would not imagine someone being offended by an offering of flowers, but the meanings of different flowers have endured. Inside this book, you’ll find a list of months and their associated flowers, as well as the meanings of some of the most popular blossoms and color variations, from white carnations to purple tulips.

Silk florals are luxurious additions to your home and fit elegantly into every decor. With Silk Florals 101, you’ll find projects for spring, autumn, summer, and winter, plus themes of love, the sea, and the holidays. There are arrangements that use unique containers, incorporate feathers, ribbons, and candles, and even some quick arrangements for when you’re short on time.

With beautiful photos of every finished project, and complete materials lists, you’ll soon be enjoying gorgeous silk flower arrangements in your home anytime of the year!