Silk Covered High Heel Cushions Poron Foam, Stops Foot Pain, Forward Slide, Permanent, Womens

SILK COVERED Inserts for dress shoes are hand crafted. Feel luxuriously soft underfoot, not slippery PORON FOAM INSERTS NEVER FLATTEN. The ball of foot cushion rebounds fresh after each step TOE GRIP PHYSICALLY STOPS FORWARD SLIDE of the foot Toe grip designed to maintain proper foot functions of propulsion, balance & stability for natural, non-tiring walk in heels without foot pain WEARER’S WEIGHT IS KEPT OVER HEELS by arch area/front of heel pad. This prevents shoe heel gaps, pain of heel blisters & relieves pain from pressure on the balls of the feet. ERGONOMIC, SCULPTED WITH A PROPRIETARY PROCESS Only shoe inserts or insoles made with PORON foam contoured to the underside of the foot & not crowd toes Innovative design, 2019 USA Patent STRONG ADHESIVE PERMANENTLY BONDS INSERTS TO SHOE INSOLES. The inserts will never get pushed out of place under shear pressure from hundreds of pounds of weight on an inclined ramp AN INNOVATIVE FITTING METHOD OF THE INSERTS IN TEMPORARY & PERMANENT STAGES- ensures confident non-slip placement, optimal effectiveness & no crowding or pushing foot upwards PORON foam is hypoallergenic, stays dry, is not hard or slippery like gel high heel shoe inserts or gel ball of foot cushions For normal fit or slightly loose shoes NEVER WEAR OR PLACE INSERTS INTO TIGHT HIGH HEELS Do not snag with rough objects or expose adhesive to mineral oil

Product Features

  • *HIGH HEEL SHOE INSERTS for 2″+ heels, PORON foam core 92% silk 8% spandex cover Sizes 7-10 *PERMANENT BALL OF FOOT CUSHIONS & HEEL PADS stop forward slide, keep weight over heel *NON-SLIP 2 PART SHOE PADS & BALL OF FOOT CUSHIONS prevent ball of foot pain, toe crush pain *ERGONOMIC REBOUNDING TOE GRIPS & METATARSAL PADS preserve toe function, improve balance *CUSTOM FITS ALL SHOE STYLES, FOOT LENGTHS, LOW ARCH or HIGH ARCH, Invisible underfoot