SHANSHUI 5” Tibetan Singing Bowl Set, Nepal Antique Bronze Mantra Carving Hand Hammered, Sound For Yoga Chakras Healing Meditation Zen With Leather Striker Surface Mallet and Silk Cushion Gift -Black

Product Features

  • 5” Tibetan Meditation bowl – Size: 5.11*2.16 inches,Weight: 550g.It is a full set of meditation bowl. Including a decorative pillow cushion, a hand sewn cushion and a wooden leather striker(both ends can be used and will not become moldy under wet conditions).
  • Hand Crafted Design -Tibetan Singing Bowl Created by hand by Nepalese artisans and devoted practitioners to create an ambience for emotional calming & healing..Please make allowance for the possible light scratches because it is handcrafted bowl.
  • Significant effect: The sounds generated by this bowl can reduce stress and anxiety significantly; Lower anger and blood pressure; Help heals stress disorders, pain, depression and most forms of disease.
  • Beautiful Sound: Easy to rub the striker around the bowl and get it to sing. If you’re looking for a singing bowl that can produce professional sound quality while still suiting your budget, this hand crafted singing bowl is the perfect choice.
  • A unique present: It’s a great gift for friends and family who need a meditative singing bowl to reduce stress and calm nerves.