Secdtie Men’s Handmade Silk Tie Geometry Plaid Jacquard Woven Formal Necktie C22

About Secdtie Tie

If you’re looking for business silk ties, look no further. The Secdtie brand is made exclusively for them and the ties are truly superb. Rich in textures and colors, these ties are truly a businessman’s staple.

Matching Brown Ties to Shirt & Suit

Brown is a stable and mature color that looks best in combination with other natural color shades on shirt and suit. Thus, the navy blue and the olive-green suit are two of the best color choices for the brown necktie. Good shirt choices for brown ties are, besides the classic white, tan, beige, blue, and light yellow.

Care Your Tie

1. For hard to remove stains, hold the spot over the steam from a boiling kettle and apply cleaning fluid.
2. Ties can be dry cleaned, but make sure your cleaner is experienced with ties.
3. Ties made of synthetic material might be washable.
4. When ironing ties, make certain the roll along the tie edge is not pressed flat.
5. Always hang your ties on a rack, except knitted or crochet ties, which should be rolled and stored in a drawer.
6. Give your ties at least two or three days rest before wearing them again to allow wrinkles to hang out.
7. Always unknot your ties when taking it off. Never slip it over your head.
8. Do not unravel the knot by pulling on the small end. Always reverse the knot itself.

Product Features

  • Material 100% care-free microfiber ,color As picture.Dimensions (57.09 x 3.15)”/(145 x 8)cm (L x W).Weight 40-60 g.
  • Looking for something slightly unusual? Do you want a tie that adds a modern touch to your ensemble, but at the same time does not offend your office dress code?Then this brown check patterned necktie will be perfect for you.
  • We paired a bold geometric plaid pattern with understated winter hues in grey, black, and bronze-brown.
  • It is a tie that looks great with almost any suit color and will also be well suited for any season of the year.
  • This tie is handmade from 100% silk by tie maker Secdtie. This tie also has a contemporary European cut of 3.25 inches.