Portable Clothes and Fabric Steamer – Bonus Lint Remover | Steam or Clean any Garment or Clothing – Mens, Womens or Baby | Small, Handheld – Great for Travel | Joy to Use on Large Hanging Curtains

Looking to stay looking sharp anywhere you go?

The Clever Life Company’s super clothes steamer will make short work of any wrinkled fabric so you can clothe the whole family in no time. This is the perfect collection to any home & mobile enough you can take it anywhere you go, this kit won’t get left in the closet unused.

For an extremely short time we’re selling the steamer complete with a professional mini lint remover 

Not only can you iron out the wrinkles but also remove all that unwanted lint. Rechargeable battery operated, saves you having to brush off your clothes after each wash. The perfect little universal accessories to make your life easier.


Fill the water tank to the desired level with cold water, but never go past the maximum level – we recommend distilled water. Turn the on/off switch to ON & steam will start coming out shortly after. Be very careful not to put your hand over the nozzle or turn it past a 45 degree angle, never turn it upside down or open the lid till it has completely cooled down. Your steamer comes with an automatic OFF if the water runs out to ensure your safety if you forget to turn it off.


Steamer Instructions Lint Remover with charger Lint remover spare blades Lint remover instructions

Product Features

  • DON’T BURN YOURSELF WITH A CLOTHING STEAMER CLEANER THAT LEAKS WATER OR JUST DOESN’T WORK – We use the best parts we can find, with commercial heavy duty seals & plastic so you are safe when at home. Our hand held electric steamers make light work of any table cloth, drapery or any garment you have – even silk! LIMITED TIME FREE LINT REMOVER with every order.
  • TIRED OF TAKING TOO LONG TO GET ALL THE WRINKLES OUT – Our fast powerful handheld fabric steamer will help you in your home all day. Simply take the clothes out of the dryer, put them on a hanger or rack & use the dry vapor to iron out any creases. From small cloths to larger fabrics like curtains, quick easy & you’ll have the ironing done in a jiffy.
  • STEAM IS THE ULTIMATE SAFE SANITIZER – Why have the hassle of getting a contractor in to clean your home, or worse a cleaner that uses harmful chemicals to remove odors. A quick once over with our steamer & all those smells will disappear. Great to sanitize baby or pet areas – disinfect the sofa, your mattress & any other fabric furniture with ease. Can even be used to help with stain removal!
  • PERFECT TRAVELING COMPANION – Light weight but with a full size 6 oz water tank, compact personal clothe steaming anywhere you go. Dress to impress when you travel, it is safe to use, and gentle on even the most delicate fabrics. Use it on satin, nylon blends, cotton, wool, linen, sequins, beads, embroidery, and more! Perfect for those family holidays or quick business trip.
  • THE CLEVER LIFE COMPANY LOVE ALL OUR PRODUCTS & want you to love them too – not only do we have smart products that save you time & money, we stand by our long return policy of 90 days no questions asked with a 12 month warranty. Our mission is to provide exceptional products & perfect customer experience every time.