Piara 25mm 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Woven Luxury Pillowcase, Envelope Style, Hypoallergenic, Natural Beauty Benefits for Skin, Hair and Eyelashes, Promotes Quality Sleep, Standard/Queen Size 51cmx71cm

Natural Beauty Benefits

Helps prevents wrinkles and breakouts
Regulates body heat
Hair benefits

Helps prevent wrinkles and breakouts
Silk contains natural protein, amino acids and natural cellular albumin helping speed up the metabolism of skin cells. Silk’s natural ingredients helps reduce signs of aging. Unlike cotton, silk does not absorb the natural moisture from your hair and skin allowing you to efficiently use night cream.

Silk regulates body heat
Silk does not conduct heat or create static electricity, unlike other fibers regulating body temperature. Silk keeps you cool when hot and warm when cold. Great for women going through menopause.

Silk helps those suffering from asthma and allergies and eczema.

Hair benefits
Sleeping on silk fabrics prevents thinning of the hair. Unlike cotton and other fabrics, silk fibers do not grip the hairs resulting in breakage. Silk prevents knotting of the hair and split ends.

Care Instructions

Dry clean
Hand wash at 30°C (86°F)
Hang dry
Do not bleach

Product Features

  • 100% pure Mulberry silk
  • BEAUTY BENEFITS – Silk allows your skin to breathe. Does not absorb your natural oils or night cream. Effective for all skin types. Our hand woven silk fabric prevents thinning and breakage of the hair. It’s smooth surface prevents bed head.
  • QUALITY – Our silk cases are measured by the unit momme (mm). The higher the momme the thicker the silk; 25mm compared to 19mm carries 30% more silk. No chemicals or dyes added. Hypoallergenic. Dermatologist recommended for those with asthma and allergies.
  • STYLE – Envelope style allowing you to sleep with ultimate comfort. Fits a standard/queen pillow.
  • CARE – Hand wash in warm water. Do not Bleach. Hang dry only.