Orose 4Pcs Charmeuse Mulberry Silk Bed Sheet Set,Seamless, Deep Pocket (Queen, Peacock Blue)

Benefits of Orose Silk bed line:
Silk bed lines are far superior to even the finest Egyptian cotton sheets – here’s why.

Dry skin & Eczema
Silk has an amazing ability to help our skin reabsorb moisture through the natural occurring amino acids within silk. Absorbing moisture that has been lost during the day while sleeping will aid in rejuvenating the skin throughout the night. This is hugely beneficial to sufferers of both Eczema and dry skin.

Delicate Sleep
Silk is a natural body temperature regulator, so it is capable of absorbing and transpiring sweater or moisture, keeping you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cool, ideal for allergy and eczema sufferers. Orose supreme silk flat sheet is not only soft against your skin but also adds elegance and refined glamour to your bedroom. After a busy day, when you lie in your bed, the silky feeling will bring you a touch of luxury to a comfortable sleep night after night.

Easy Care
Silk bed lines are easy to launder. They can be machine washed at 30°C on the gentle or hand washable cycle of your washing machine using a gentle, non-biological soap or a specialist silk detergent .Washed in this way will give you years of life, because we always insist the finest, most durable, heavyweight silk.

Product Features

  • 100% naturally hypoallergenic long-fiber silk, free of harmful chemicals and artificial colorants.
  • These beautiful machine-washable silk bed sheet sets are sewn from the most delicate silk and are seamless.
  • Silk is ideal option for people who suffer from skin conditions and allergies, also its natural cooling properties helps to prevent from hot flushes.
  • Seamless silk bed sheets are made by extra wide fabric, drapes wonderfully. Silk fitted sheet has a depth of 16 inches and elastic corners will perfectly match your mattress.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDE: TWO silk pillowcases:20*30″, ONE Queen size silk fitted sheet:60*80″+16″, ONE Queen size silk flat sheet:91*102″