ORIGIN TIES Men’s Fashion 100% Silk Solid 2.5 inches Skinny Tie Orange

This Solid Color tie is the perfect accessory which goes well with a fashionable look.

Substantial material fixes the value. Natural handpicked premium silk and cotton are used for the sumptuous smooth feel and elegant sheen. Top fashion designers from Fance and Italy engineer the tie with their advanced trending view. Those who wearing it will get lots of compliments. And equipped with advanced textile machine, the trained staff gurantee the wonderful craftmanship for a well-made tie.

For any formal or casual occasion, Origin Ties is your ideal choice. It may be in the starter set for a new professional, or necessary element to a wedding or just to match your fashionable outfit. Finding the perfect balance of classic design and modern styling, it’s time to spice up and brighten a professional wardrobe! The boxed package not only well protects the tie, but also makes it a ready gift for your beloved.

Why choose Origin Ties?

Because we cut out everything that does not belong to a product’s origin – middleman, offline stores, brand premium, and thus making products of quality accessible to everyone! We are not sellers of the cheap, but to deliver the ties of luxury with right price is our aim.

Product Features

  • How Wide? A standard skinny with 2.5” at its broadest points and 58″ long. The narrow width and the unique blend of colors will help emphasize your taste, whether in a casual or a professional setting.
  • Are you Microfiber? No, I’m not so cheap. I’m SILK, 100% high quality silk from Hangzhou-City of Silk. You’ll instantly notice the difference in the soft, sumptuous feel and the rich elegant sheen. No polyester or microfiber tie can compare!
  • How about Quality? Origin Ties strictly selects luxurious satin with a touch of softness. Quality interlining makes our ties heavy weighted and elastic, designed for a perfect knot and years of good service.
  • Maintenance: Unique craft of our ties makes them WATER RESISTANT, ANTI-FOULING and convenient to take care of.
  • Supplier: Originties’ designers and manufacturers were veteran OEMs and ODMs for luxury brands. With the understanding that the quality of a luxury product comes from its origin – fabric, design and manufacture, we named our brand Originties.
  • Design: Nothing says more about a man’s look than his attention to detail. However, this shimmery solid color tie in Dark Night collection is the perfect accessory to make you charming and energetic. You won’t miss the centerpiece of the dress and compliments from your friends!
  • Gift Box Packaged & application: Our ties are well packaged with the decent boxes. They are ideal gifts for all the gentlemen. Suitable for most occasions: Daily Dress, Business, Office, Meeting, Birthday, Wedding, Engagement, Ball Party, Birthday Present, Decent holiday gifts for men, e.g. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s day, Father’s Day gifts.
  • Commited to Our Return& Refund Policy: Every item is checked carefully before it is shipped to you. Should you still not like the tie, then simply return it back to us and we will refund you. After all, we want you to be happy with your purchase.