Nahari Silks 100% Silk Pink Power 108

Nahari Silks offers beautifully hand-dyed, solid and marbled silk veils, and hand-crafted solid colors. The hand-dyed silk veils are hand-dyed by Tamsin for Nahari Silks. She is a dancer with an art background who enjoys creating rich, luxurious colors and blends. The marbled blends are a stunning mix of colors from the same color groups and add a depth and texture to the silk that makes them mesmerizing to watch. The hand-crafted silk veils are a little less expensive and great for practise or beginners. The veils are 100% silk habotai weighing 4.3mm which is the lightest silk available without compromising the quality. The lightness of the silk, which floats beautifully, allows for greater expression. In three sizes, 82″, 108″ and 137″ by 45″. The shortsides have a very smooth, silk thread, almost invisible hem and the long sides are professionally finished. The veils are used for belly dance, veil meditation, worn as sarongs, scarves, or used as curtains or as a light but very warm covers in yoga, on airplanes and relaxing at home. With such a wide range of beautiful colors you are certain to find one to suit your moods.

Product Features

  • Marbled, hand-dyed and hand-crafted silk dancing veils in the lightest quality silk.
  • Luxurious popular colors for belly dancers.
  • 100% quality silk habotai, at very reasonable prices.
  • Silk Veils can make beautiful throws, curtains, scarves, sarongs, gifts as well as for dancing
  • Colors last and make any vision come to life.