MOON’S SLEEPWARES V2.0 Twin Size 100% Pure Long Grade Mulberry Silk Coamforter Silk Filled Comforter Silk Quilt Silk Duvet (Cold Winter) (59 X 79 Inches / 150 X 200 Cm) SFDWH150x200-4(US2.0)

OOOO* 1. Breathable – Silk is breathable material allowing for heat, perspiration and moisture to evaporate out away from the body, while also keeping the elements out. OOOO* 2. Lightweight – Almost fell nothing covers you but warm. OOOO* 3. Highly Ventilated – Allow moisture out while keep warmth in. OOOO* 4. Naturally Hypoallergenic – No chemicals is used in the process of producing silk duvets. OOOO* 5. Hygiene naturally – Silk duvets are naturally resistant of dust mite and mildew. OOOO* 6. Long lasting – Silk is the strongest natural continuous filament/fiber, last more than 10 years with proper care.

Product Features

  • Top Quality 100% Pure Long Grade Mulberry Silk Filling. 100% Cotton Sateen Casing.
  • Twin Size (59×79 inches) (150x200cm). Free vacuum bag and cotton storage bag. Neat and tidy.
  • Light Weight, Perfect for Cold Winter or Indoor Temperature 23F to 46F, -5C to 8C
  • Breathable, Lightweight, Highly Ventilated, Hygiene naturally and Long lasting
  • 10% off on same duvet cover when purchased together with duvets.