Luxe Microfiber Men’s Fitted Point Collar Dress Shirt – Style Vince Gray

Looking for a men’s dress shirt that doesn’t sacrifice comfortable fit or that elegant appearance?

Formal Shirts Vince is a 100% Luxe Microfiber polyester , tailored fitted style, point collar, plain front button down shirt that includes holes to put in your tuxedo studs and a convertible barrel cuffthat can be worn as either a barrel cuff with two buttons choices or faux French cuff shirt (convertible cuff), as the occasion demands. Our exclusive Luxe Microfiber fabric goes through a “combing” process that gives it the softness of silk and the comfort of cotton- few other fabrics can match it in its unique blend of comfort and elegance. Luxe Microfiber doesn’t shrink and doesn’t fade! We also threw in our popular “Comfy Collar-” a collar extender to ensure the best collar fit for you. Our sizes range from extra small (13-13.5″ neck) to XXX Large (19-20″ neck) with sleeves from 31-41 inches, so we can definitely fit you! Global Shirts are sewn with high stitches per inch and have extra fusing at the collar, helping keep collar shape and stability.

Our tailored fit features a 3-Part “Tru-Fit” design, tapered from the chest to the waist, from the shoulder to the elbow, and from the elbow to the wrist – giving you the perfect fit!

Our shirts feature 5 spaces for studs rather than 4, so whether you’re a little taller or if you just stretched too much, you’ll still maintain that handsome look. We use break resistant buttons to enhance the lifetime of your shirt.

Whether you need a dress shirt for business, church, a wedding, bar mitzvah, easter, a black tie event or anything you can think of, Formal Shirts Style Vince is sure to win!

Psst! Don’t let our description scare you! This is a quality shirt, able to be a casual button down- untucked or open collar for the relaxed, long sleeve slim fit shirt you can wear anywhere. Tuxedo studs, cuff links, and tie/bowtie not included.

Product Features

  • Formal Shirts Fitted Style Vince – 100% Luxe Microfiber Dress Shirt or Formal Shirt features a 3-Part “Tru-Fit” design, tapered from the chest to the waist, from the shoulder to the elbow, and from the elbow to the wrist – Giving you the perfect fit – Sizes range from XS thru 3XL with sleeve lengths ranging from 30-31 thru 40-41
  • Formal Shirts Fitted Style Vince – Is a plain front long sleeve button-up Dress Shirt or Formal Shirt featuring a comfort collar extender “The Comfy Collar” that gives a better collar fit – Also features “The Perfect Point Collar” – Looks great with a long tie, bowtie or no tie – Plus a convertible barrel cuff – Looks like a French cuff when buttoned or worn with cuff links – See Photo
  • Made of our exclusive Luxe Microfiber fabric which has a soft hand and feel – Luxe Microfiber Doesn’t shrink – Doesn’t fade – Moisture-Wicking – Anti-Picking – Easy to care for – Wash, Dry and Wear
  • Perfect for all events – Worn as a Dress Shirt or Formal Shirt – Features a convertible placket that can be worn buttoned or with up to 5 studs, all buttons are break-resistant, cross-stitched and extra buttons are provided
  • NOT INCLUDED – Tie/Bowtie, Studs, and Cufflinks