ICNBUYS Men’s Kung Fu Tai Chi Uniform Cotton Silk XL Black

Tai Chi Clothing Set Men Spring Black The biggest bright point of these Tai Chi suits is the special material, a blend of cotton and rayon, which is the most popular shell fabric in Tai Chi Clothing, not only for the extreme softness and smooth feel, but it¡¯s really perfectly comfortable and well fitting for any type of physique. The blend of cotton and rayon makes the perfect drape in accordance with nature and Tai Chi. Plus, the bright color, glabrous and nice fabric, and endurable structure allow the special clothing to stand out whether in daily training or performance. The Tai Chi Suit is designed loose and graceful, fit for both training and leisure. The traditional design of collar, cuff and the mandarin button is very Chinese, all sticking to the nature of Tai Chi. Meanwhile, some new creative ideas are added to make it more humanized and suitable for today¡¯s training and living, much manifested in such detail design as side vent, elastic at waist and bottom of the trouser legs
XS height 5’1″ – 5’2″, Weight 99 – 114 lb, Chest 42.5″, Coat Length 28″, Outseam 41.3″, Hip 49.6″
S height 5’3″ – 5’4″, Weight 115 – 130 lb, Chest 44″, Coat Length 29″, Outseam 42.1″, Hip 50.4″
M height 5’5″ – 5’6″, Weight 131 – 145 lb, Chest 45.5″, Coat Length 30″, Outseam 42.9″, Hip 51.2″
L height 5’6″ – 5’7″, Weight 146 – 160 lb, Chest 47″, Coat Length 31″, Outseam 43.7″, Hip 52″
XL height 5’8″ – 5’9″, Weight 161 – 175 lb, Chest 49″, Coat Length 31.5″, Outseam 44.5″, Hip 53.1″
XXL height 5’9″ – 6’1″, Weight 176 – 190 lb, Chest 50″, Coat Length 32″, Outseam 45.3″, Hip 53.9″
XXXL height 6’1″ – 6’3″, Weight 191 – 205 lb, Chest 52″, Coat Length 33″, Outseam 46.1″, Hip 54.7″

Product Features

  • Special blend fabric of cotton and rayon with great breathability, drape and softness
  • Full handmade button and mandarin type, simple yet elegant
  • Upright collar against deformation and color aberration, Under sleeve looks more traditional, in line with the meaning of Tai Chi
  • Side vent for completely free exercise in training and performing
  • Please reference the size chart in product description