Home of Wool/Natural Mulberry Silk Pillowcase/Envelope or Zippered Closure/Non – Toxic Bedding/Natural Color/Custom Sizes & Shapes Available/Made – to – Order

Silk is a natural deterrent to dust mites, mold, and fungi – all things that can border allergy suffers and people who suffer from asthma.
Essential amino acids found in silk are said to be good for a human skin, hair, and nervous system. Sleeping on silk sheets is supposed to delay wrinkling of the skin. The same amino acids are supposed to be calming which is good for a person’s nervous system as being calm allows a person’s body to refresh more easily, refresh and rejuvenate itself in sleep.

Speeds up the metabolism of skin cells, thus delaying the aging process.
Breathable fabric and a natural temperature regulator.
Silk does not attract dust mites.
Natural fungal repellent.
Extremely smooth and soft texture (beneficial for those with sensitive skin conditions).
Silk does not conduct static electricity.
Reduces hair breakage and thinning of hair.

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