Hodeco Nature Silk Pillowcase Peacock Blue 20×30 Inches Double Sides 100% Mulberry Silk 19 Momme Thick Silk Pillow Cover for Skin and Hair Pillow Sham Cover, Queen 51 X 76CM, 1 Piece

Product Features:

Hodeco always aims to provide you with 100% natural mulberry silk pillowcases.


600 thread count 19 momme mulberry silk

How to Identification of Nature Silk

1.See: Nature silk has a slight sense of gloss

2. Hear: Put the silk fabric on your ear and rub it with your hand. If it is silk, you will hear the buzzing sound. This is the unique “silk sound” of the silk material fabric.

3. Burn: When the real silk burns, it will have the same smell as the burned hair. The ash produced after burning will be powdered by pressing it gently; and because the burning point of the silk is relatively high, the silk will normally extinguish after a small burning time.

4.Sodium Hypochlorite: Silk will dissolved in sodium hypochlorite as silk is protein and sodium hypochlorite can dissolve protein.


Hidden zipper at the side


Queen, 20 x 30 inches (51 x 76cm)

Peacock blue

Washing and Care Instructions:

Hand wash in lukewarm water with mild shampoo.

Wash silk separately from other items.

Do not twist or wring as silk becomes more delicate when wet.

Hang dry.

Do not dry in direct sunlight. Do not bleach.

Wrinkles in silk should disappear with time, so ironing is not recommended. If you must, only iron the reverse side of the damp silk with your iron set on the lowest temperature.

Product Features

  • NATURE SILK: 100% mulberry silk with double side 19 Momme 600 threat count fabric. Silk fabric is smooth, hypoallergenic and breathable. Silk fiber consists of nature organic protein, no color fading and OEKO-TEX certified.
  • GOOD FOR SKIN AND HAIR: Silk fiber consists of nature organic protein. It is smooth, soft and cool. Free from static electricity. Great for preventing facial wrinkles and knotted hair.
  • PEACOCK BLUE: Peacock blue is one of the most mysterious blue, representing the meaning of concealment. It is the color of the immeasurable divine realm which has a special force hide in the heart.Peacock blue bedding appears extremely high quality and delicate.
  • VALUE OF MONEY: Hodeco sells silk pillowcase 5-10% below the market average price while only high-grade silkworm cocoons were selected for manufacturing silk fabric. We control quality from the source.
  • QUEEN SIZE: Silk pillowcase 20×30 inches (51x76cm) fits most queen size pillow inserts.