Hestian 18pcs Rose with Rhinestone,pearls Chains Stain Ribbon Handle Bridal Wedding Bouquet Silk Rose Hand Tie (red)

Sophisticated but simple. Fancy but understated. Enjoy the timeless beauty of silk roses, without any wilting worries. These everlasting flowers will also look darling in a crystal vase after the wedding. A vase makes a great bridesmaid gift for her bouquet after the wedding!

Product Features

  • Bridal Bouquet made with 18 pcs Rose,flower style rhinestone,pearls chains Stain Ribbon
  • 18pcs Bridal Bouquet 20cm W 28cm H
  • Silk flowers won’t wilt in the heat or freeze in the cold. The consummate choice for all weather conditions
  • You can use flowers that may normally be out of season and there are also a wide variety of colors, above and beyond the limitations of mother nature.
  • The silk flowers available to us today are so glamorous and realistic you will be amazed. We think that many of the flowers are even more vibrant and beautiful that their fresh counterparts.