Dreamland Deluxe All Natural Mulberry Silk Comforter, Twin

This luxury comforter is made with 100% natural long strand mulberry silk. The mulberry silk makes extremely comfortable comforters compared with other materials. Silk is considered one of the lightest natural fibers, yet it is an excellent insulator so it keeps you warm in cold conditions and cool when it is hot. And for those prone to night sweat, silk can absorb and dissipate up to 30% of its weight in moisture thereby helping to keep the body dry. Hypo-allergenic and soft, it is a great relief for allergy and asthma sufferers. There are some comforters made of short strand mulberry silk, they do not hold body quite well and the silk tends to shift over time. Only the long strand mulberry silk can hold for a long time and give the body exceptional sleeping experience!
King size is 102-Inch by 92-Inch (2.8lb Silk Filled), Queen size is 90-Inch by 92-Inch (2.4lb Silk Filled), Full size is 80-Inch by 88-Inch (2lb Silk Filled), Twin size is 66-Inch by 88-Inch (1.7lb Silk Filled). Enjoy this luxury silk comforter in Summer time!

Product Features

  • All natural, Cover 100% long strand mulberry silk/Fill 100% long strand mulberry silk
  • Hypo-allergenic, great for all skin types
  • Resist mildew, dust mites and odors
  • Light weight and comfortable.
  • NO Sales Tax