Cozysilk 100 Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase for Hair with Hidden Zipper, 19 momme (Queen, Light Blue)

Mulberry silk pillowcases are composed of protein fibers, and have excellent bio-compatibility with the human, very smooth surface, the friction coefficient of stimulus to the human body is the lowest in all kinds of fiber.


It’s long been a secret of the beauty industry that silk pillowcases can make an amazing difference to the appearance of your skin. Wrinkles appear smoother and there are no creases or marks from the pillowcase.

Wake up in the morning with hair that’s smooth as silk. The natural proteins present in silk together with its amazing smoothness mean that your hair doesn’t get matted or dried out when your head rests on silk overnight. That’s why top models always insist on silk pillowcases.

Mulberry silk pillowcases are gentle, extremely soft and smooth. They can help keep blow dries/hairstyle for a long time, while cotton may snarl hairs and even twist them at the root.


Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk available for purchase. It is a kind of natural fiber that is much smoother, lighter and stronger than any other fibers in the world.

Momme (mm) is the unit of weight traditionally used to measure the density of silk. It is similar to the use of thread count for cotton fabric. Usually, higher momme weight indicates more durable weave and luxurious fabric. 16 – 25mm is suitable for pillowcases.

Product Features

  • ✔ Size: 20 x 30 inch (51 x 76 cm), fits most queen-sized pillows. Hidden zipper closure at the side is artistic, better fit, and prevents slipping out. Also, you won’t feel it.
  • ✔ Minimizes Sleep Crease & Say Goodbye to Bed Head – Cozysilk’s exceptionally smooth and cool-to-cheek pure mulberry silk pillowcase allows your skin and hair to glide along the pillow, so the face rests comfortably without placing pressure on creased skin. Unlike cotton, which draws moisture away from your skin and hair, pure silk keeps the hydration of your skin intact, and gives you softer skin and smoother hair over time.
  • ✔ Asthma & Allergy Relief – Cozysilk’s mulberry silk is a natural fiber that repels dust mites, and its hypoallergenic quality helps to eliminate allergies and asthma, which could be caused by cotton and other synthetic fibers. Bacteria & odor resistant, proven by the Oeko-Tex certification, which insures that the fabric was constructed without any use of harmful chemicals.
  • ✔ High Quality Craftsmanship & Design – With 19 momme weight 600 thread count pure mulberry silk on both side keeps your skin and hair healthy. Perfect gift idea for her and special occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas or anniversaries.
  • ✔ Easy Care & Durable – Our luxury silk pillow cases can be tossed right into the washing machine without the fear of fading or shrinkage. Machine washed on a gentle cycle in cold water with silk-friendly detergent and air dry. With a heavier weight quality silk around 19mm will give you many years of use with proper care.