Blue Moroccan Dream- Gypsy Blue Print Patchwork Bed Canopy by HippieWild- NEW IN STOCK Boho silk saree india

Boho Gypsy Bed Canopy NEW IN STOCK This one is Blues with pink accents One of a Kind Beauty for your Bedroom, Wedding, Garden Party , Patio, Hippie Meditation Room This is a wonderful canopy sewn with vintage silk saris..The sari panels have twine at each corner and one in the front which is looped onto a screw-in ceiling hook..(hooks are included) Its very simple to set up. Sheer and opaque saris were used ..Each panel has its own pattern… The canopy can be tied at corners or left untied ..(sari ribbon ties included) This canopy is displayed over a calif king bed.. can also be displayed over a queen or anywhere you can dream of that has a ceiling! Ceiling in the picture is 90″ tall and the panels are approx 82″ long