Arcpic 100% Natural Mulberry Silk Pillowcase – Soft Breathable with Both Sides 19 Momme Bed Pillow Cases for Hair and Skin, Standard Size (20 x 26 inches, Ivory)

Settle our Silk Pillowcase to bring a cheery touch to your sleep. This super soft breathable material is crafted from a 100-percent premium mulberry silk fabric which is the highest quality of silk you can find. And this elegant pillowcase offers a fair amount of ultimate comfort and allows your hair and skin to rest softly and quietly as well as wards off wrinkles and prevent hair from tangling. Plus, you do not be worried about your laundry routine, it is easy to care: Hand wash cold with mild detergent and line dry. If you can only do machine washing, please be sure to put this product in mesh laundry bag and use soft mode and wash with a mild detergent. But we always recommend hand washing.



Crafted of 100% pure natural mulberry silk 19-momme 600 Thread Count.  Available in a variety of sizes: QUEEN 20×30 inches (50cm x 75cm), KING 20×36 inches (50cm x 90cm), STANDARD 20×26 inches (50cm x 66cm). Super breathable and soft natural material ensure quality sleep. Hidden zipper design adds elegance, noble and comfort. Pure silk prevents hair and skin from discomfort. Our high quality elegant silk is perfect for any bedroom.


Care Instruction:

Dry cleaning orhand wash in low temperature water. Never spray silk with perfume or deodorant. Never expose silk to direct sunlight. Do not spray water while ironing, always iron the backside on low temperature only.

Product Features

    • 100% High Grade Pure Natural Real Silk Pillowcase: This type of silk pillowcase is crafted of extremely soft and smooth 100% pure mulberry silk, both sides 19-momme, 600 thread count. Each package contains 1 silk pillowcase.
    • There is Always One You Like: Various colors and sizes are available for you to choose from. STANDARD SIZE: 20×26 inches (50cm x 66cm); QUEEN SIZE: 20×30 inches (50cm x 75cm); KING SIZE: 20×36 inches (50cm x 90cm).
    • Hidden Zipper Design in Style: Exquisite craftsmanship of the neat stitches and hidden zipper design makes the pillow look delicate and perfect, also helps to create a superior, harmonious and comfortable atmosphere when you’re ready to sleep. Envelope closure design ensure your sleep won’t be disturbed by the escaping of pillow.
    • Healthy for Hair and Facial Beauty: Because of the particularity of mulberry silk fabric used in our pillow cases, your skin and hair is able to retain the serums and creams you apply. Such natural mulberry silk will also reduce hair breakage and prevent hair loss to help maintain hair styling. And this high quality material won’t make your delicate skin uncomfortable, at the same time, it can reduce facial wrinkles.
    • Easy to Care: Dry cleaning or washing by hand are the best methods for cleaning silk for longer use time. Machine wash accepted, please use soft mode. If using a washing machine we recommend placing the garments in a mesh washing bag to avoid scratching or pulling of the garment.