Alexander Del Rossa Womens Satin Robe, Mid-Length Dressing Gown, Medium Black (A0747BLKMD)

This women’s silk like satin robe from Alexander Del Rossa is comfortable, durable, and classy. Made from premium 100% polyester satin fabric, this silky women’s lounge robe is cool and easy on the skin. Designed with you in mind, this classic kimono style house coat is perfect for lounging around the house – even when guests are present. Rich in features, we trust that this satin pijama de mujer will not disappoint. Looking for the perfect gift to present to your bridal party? Brides, why not get matching knee length bath robes as a thank you gift to your bridesmaids for participating in your wedding. This is a great robe for teens, college daughters and ladies of all shapes and sizes. Available in plus size.

Unsure of what to give your mom for mother’s day? She works hard and is always there – why not give her the gift of relaxation? Sleepwear is the perfect way to say “Take some time to yourself and relax in luxury” . You can’t go wrong with a gift like this.

A short or mid-length satin robe is perfect for any number of applications. Wear this womens robe as a cover up while doing your hair or makeup. Wear this womens robe around the house or college dorm no matter who is around. No matter where you find yourself, whether on vacation or the spa, you will be glad you have this robe for girls and ladies with you.

Robe Features
Premium 100% polyester satin fabric
Standard length robe
Inside tie closure
Matching belt
One front pocket
Durable stitching that will last

Product Features

  • PREMIUM SATIN FABRIC – Enjoy the silk-like feel of satin fabric in this classic satin robe for women. Satin is made from 100% polyester thread and woven into a tight weave – making it super sleek and fashionable.
  • INSIDE TIE CLOSURE – There is nothing worse than sitting down only to have your lounge robe open up unexpectedly. That is why we have included an inside tie in the design of this robe to keep your robe closed at all time. Simply tie the inside closure as tight as you’d like for an added sense of security while guests are present. Hosting guests or going on vacation with relatives? Now you can stay comfortable and covered no matter who is around.
  • BRIDESMAIDS GIFTS – Nothing photographs better than a sleek satin robe, which is why so many brides choose this for their bridal party. From the moment you start getting ready for your wedding, pictures are being taken. Give an extra pop to your getting ready photos when all of your girls are wearing these matching dressing gowns.
  • GREAT AS A GIFT – A robe is one of those warm familiar products that you didn’t know you loved until you had one – which is why it makes the perfect present for your mom, wife, sister, or friend. While few people may think to buy a robe for themselves, everyone can enjoy one on a daily basis. Give this satin robe as a thoughtful gift for your loved one’s next birthday or for Christmas.
  • See description below for sizing details