ALASKA BEAR – Natural silk sleeping bag liner cocoon-style travel sheet sleep sack with built-in pillowcase(Peach, 88″x40″)

Alaska Bear – Enhance your Life

An excellent gift for the hiker, camper or climber in the family.
This sleeping bag liner is made from 10 momme mulberry silk and optimum for minimizing packing size and weight.
So light and healthy, you will feel like being wrapped in a soft cloud and want one on your bed.
It protects your skin from questionable bedding and from harsh chemicals used to launder sheets, also very great for adventure travel, business trips, family vacations and makes a great gift. Visiting friends? Real friends bring their own sheets and reduce the laundry load.
If you’re tired of trying to clean the inside of your sleeping bag and it’s constantly getting dirty, then the Alaska Bear Sleeping Bag Liner is a great solution.

Dimensions: 88″x40″(225 cm x 101 cm)
Stuff sack size: 9″x5″
Weight: 7 oz (200g)
Shape: Rectangle/Rectangular
Material: 100% Mulberry silk

Washing and Care Instructions:

Hand wash in cold or lukewarm water with mild detergent. Do not soak dark-colored silk for more than three minutes. To help retain color, add a few drops of distilled white vinegar to final rinse. As silk becomes more delicate when wet, do not twist or wring. Hang dry. Do not dry in direct sunlight.

Though hand-washing is preferable, you may machine wash in cold water on the gentlest cycle with mild detergent. Do not bleach. Wash silk separately from other items. Hang dry. Do not dry in direct sunlight.

Machine drying is not recommended.

Wrinkles in silk should disappear with time, and so ironing is not recommended. If you must, only iron the reverse side of the damp silk with your iron set on the lowest setting.

Please enjoy your mulberry silk product, which brings a feeling of cool, relaxing luxury to every night of sleep.

Product Features

  • Breathable and moisture wicking, silk allows for a natural vapor balance. Comfortably fits most campers up to 6 feet tall.
  • Responds well to changing temperatures, will add warmth in the cold yet feel cool and soothing on a warm night, suitable for camping/backpacking/hiking, and for use in youth hostels, trains or anywhere else you might travel
  • Helps protect against bed bugs, dust mites, allergens, harsh detergents and unclean bedding. Also you can use this versatile travel liner inside your sleeping bag to keep it clean, or use as a stand-alone sleep cover in warm climates
  • Double stitching and reinforced gussets for long-lasting durability. Fine yarn and a special weaving technique make our high quality silk a very lightweight and durable fabric
  • There is a 28 inch opening on top of the left side for you to SLIDE into the liner. Though it is made to open on the left, you can actually choose the side you wish to open and close the liner SIMPLY BY FLIPPING IT OVER.