ALASKA BEAR® – Natural Silk Pillowcase, Hypoallergenic, 19 Momme, 600 Thread Count 100 Percent Mulberry Silk, Queen Size with Hidden Zipper(1, Cream)

Alaska BearEnhance your Life

Care Instructions:
Hand Wash:
The preferred method is hand laundered in lukewarm water with pH neutral soap using a gentle hand movement. Do not soak too long. Rinse in cool water and roll silk in a towel to remove excess water. Never wring water from silk.
Machine Wash:
Wash in cold water with pH neutral soap, no bleach, on a gentle cycle. Wash silk separate from other items and do not overload washer to avoid any unnecessary wear to the fabric. Silk dries quickly. Tumble dry on very low heat for a short time only if necessary.
Silk has a resistance to creasing or wrinkling, most will smooth out naturally. If ironing should become necessary, press the damp silk on the reverse side with an iron set on low. Silk charmeuse requires a cool iron to bring back sheen.

Product Features

  • “I’ve heard so much about how silk or satin pillowcases are good for the skin so I finally tried it. I must say I noticed a difference in my face the first week. Along with regularly washing my face, it was smoother and I had less breakouts along the jawline. I didn’t have one for backup and when I slept on a cotton pillowcase again, my face didn’t like it. I’ll be ordering more so I can rotate when one gets dirty.” — By Adrienne on Mar 9